Computational Nanotechnology at NASA Ames Research Center, 1996


Al Globus, MRJ, Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center, David Bailey, Steve Langhoff, Andrew Pohorille and Creon Levit NASA Ames Research Center.


Some forms of nanotechnology appear to have enormous potential to improve aerospace and computer systems; and computational nanotechnology, the design and simulation of programmable molecular machines, is crucial to progress. NASA Ames Research Center has begun a computational nanotechnology program including in-house work, external research grants, and grants of supercomputer time. Four goals have been established: Current in-house activities include: In addition, the NAS supercomputer division sponsored a workshop on computational molecular nanotechnology on March 4-5, 1996 held at NASA Ames Research Center Finally, collaborations with Bill Goddard at CalTech, Ralph Merkle at Xerox Parc, Don Brenner at NCSU, Tom McKendree at Hughes, and Todd Wipke at UCSC are underway.

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NAS Author: Al Globus