Al Globus' Music

Except where noted, I did all the voices and instruments. Here's the most recently recorded numbers:

  • Fly Free (13 Mbytes), Copyright © 2013 Gail Swain and Al Globus, is an empty-nesters song. It started with the introduction (repeated in the instrumental break) which, at least for us, evokes that knot of sadness in the gut when the kids leave home. Gail then came up with most of the melody and lyrics. It is for all parents. Gail sings it. The lyrics are here.
  • Solar Sailing, Copyright © 2011 Al Globus, is an instrumental guitar piece written in the 1970s. This is solo steel string.

  • Space Settlement Music

  • Videos of Performance on YouTube
  • Political Music
  • Oh Johnny, Copyright © 2012 Al Globus. In this song Johnny is returning home from a very long trip, in my mind to the edge of a black hole but you can choose what you like, and the girl he left behind is questioning him on his travels and plans. Needless to say, he is returning to be with her, and their 'living and loving and laughing'! When I wrote this, I really liked the A section but it sounded vaguely familiar. It was. After asking around I discovered that it is very, very close to a traditional Irish/Scottish/English melody with a number of names including "I Once Loved a Lass". The good news is, it is long, long out of copyright. The B section and the lyrics are my own.
  • Custom Made (13MB), Copyright © 2012 Al Globus. This is a higher consciousness blues tune, inspired by the great Allman Brother's It's Not My Cross To Bear. The protagonist has, in classic Zen fashion, created her own custom 'living hell' inside herself that nothing, not drugs nor men, can chase away (she should try meditation :-). Her hell comes back at the end of each chorus on the descending bass line. The recording is pretty rough, except for the excellent vocals by Gail Swain, but that's the blues! Whatever you do, don't miss the second to last vocal phrase. The twin slide guitar tracks were recorded separately, without listening to the other. On a lark I mixed them both in, on opposite sides, and liked what I heard. I'm not the greatest slide player so I was pleased to like it so much. Enjoy!
  • Requiem For Daniel, Copyright © 2009 Al Globus, was written for my nephew, a drummer, who died much too young. This recording was done for the Mount Madonna Choir album Songs for the Journey
  • Didn't I (4.9 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. Original written in the 1970s but recorded recently. I particularly like the classical guitar solo lines.
  • Move on Up (4.2 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. Original written in the 1970s. Inspired by Seals and Croft it takes a harmonic trick or two from them, along with the two part harmonies in general.
  • Ride The World (4 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. Original written in the 1970s. My friends call it a rock anthem but this version is just guitar and voice. Good dance tune if you straighten out the 3/8 bar just before the verse.
  • When I'm Feelin' (5.5 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. Original written in the 1970s, one of the few piece written on piano.
  • Thinkin' (3.1 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. One of the very first tunes I wrote, but still a favorite of some.
  • Thinkin' (7 Mbytes) Copyright © 2009 Al Globus. This is a live duo version of Thinkin. I'm performing it with Michael Levy, a good singer and outstanding pianist. This was our first gig. The recording engineer is Jonathan Arthur.

  • Solo Guitar Music Permission to use the copyrighted material for non-commercial purposes is granted, provided you credit Al Globus. If there's any commercial interest, contact me at AlGlobus@ (spaces put in to fool the autobots).

    For a number of years I sang with Mount Madonna Choir. All of the recordings are here.

    And now for some covers:

    In the late 1970's I played with Blue Mountain Blend in Marin County, California. I mostly played bass and sang, but also a little guitar and some sax. The group had great vocals. Patty Quimby sang the female leads, Michael Costello sang and played guitar, bass and flute, David Weaver sang and played guitar, bass and mandolin, and Ray Ormsby played drums. Here are some cover tunes recorded live in a pizza joint:

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