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Note: older links may break as news organizations don't keep stories online very long.

  • September 2010 Inside al Qaeda a terrific Newsweek article on the experiences of a 16 year old Afghan boy recruited by al Qaeda. Short story: our military is making life very, very difficult for al Qaeda, but there are still more than enough recruits to replace their very high casualties. Stopping the recruitment will be very tough. The Palestine and Kashmir conflicts will need to be resolved, the U.S. must withdraw from both Iraq and Afghanistan, and a PR campaign along the lines of those suggested by Malcolm Nance in "An End to al Qaeda" will need to be implemented.
  • September 2010 Presidential popularity data is a wonderful USA Today visualization of the polling data on every president starting with Truman. Interesting tidbit: Reagan's popularity followed a course very similar to Obama's and perhaps for the same reason, both inherited an economic mess that took more than two years to turn around.